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Brothers sitting on floor practicing mindfulness

7 Effective Calming Techniques for Kids

From pets and painting to music and mediation, here are some effective techniques to help children calm themselves down.

7 August 2020
kids reading book in mother's lap

The Best Mindfulness Books for Kids

Reading a book before bedtime is the perfect way to introduce your kids to mindfulness while also getting in some much-needed cuddle time. Here are some of our favorites.

15 July 2020
Brothers sitting on floor practicing mindfulness

7 Calming and Creative Mindfulness Activities for Kids

Mindfulness is booming in lockdown. From boardrooms to classrooms, people are embracing the merits of mindfulness like never before.  With everything that’s happening in the news, it’s no surprise.  But it’s not just adults that need their daily dose of mindfulness. Kids are also under heightened stress and anxiety, and when it comes to wellness, […]

2 July 2020
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