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How Hugs Make Us Happier and Healthier

When was the last time you had a hug? We don’t mean a quick pat on the back, but a full cuddle where you really feel close to the other person.

Typically, we hug during times of happiness, sorrow, and stress. Our bodies naturally feel drawn to comfort and support one another. Hugging makes us feel connected and, to be perfectly honest, it just feels good. We get this warm fuzzy feeling inside and can feel our bodies instantly relax when we cuddle up to someone we love.

It turns out there’s some scientific evidence to support why hugging is so appealing to us. According to scientists, that pull we experience goes way beyond just enjoying the feeling of being close to those we love and is actually proven to make us both happier and healthier, as well as providing a bit of sleep help.

Our Immune System Gets a Nice Boost

You know that feeling when someone holds you and you feel safe and comfortable? This is a result of a chemical being released in your brain called oxytocin, also known as the ‘cuddle hormone.’ Because this chemical is released when we cuddle up to someone, it helps strengthen bonds which is why hugs are so important during childhood. Oxytocin has some additional benefits outside of that comforting feeling as well, like increasing the output of hormones that help fight infections. The more you cuddle, the more you bond, and you get a nice little immune system boost too!

It’s Been Proven to Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Remember the last time you had a proper hug and felt your entire body relax? This is also because of that handy chemical mentioned above, oxytocin. The release of this cuddle hormone causes a reduction in blood pressure and of norepinephrine, our stress hormone. So, if you’re having a bit of a difficult day or notice your little one is a bit more on edge than usual, a cuddle-session might just be the perfect solution.

Sleep Has Never Been So Good

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Because our bodies naturally relax and we feel happier after a cuddle, falling into a restful sleep is proven to be a lot easier. To help increase the chances of your kiddo (and yourself) falling asleep quicker and getting better rest, snuggle up for a few minutes to reflect on your day, read a nice book, and wind down with one of our 200+ melodic Moshi Stories. Our bedtime stories and relaxation app, Moshi Sleep, is the perfect end to any bedtime routine as storytelling and sleep music for kids has also been shown to help the body relax and the mind drift off to dreamland quicker. Who wouldn’t love a cuddle and sweet tune to end their day?

We tend to hug during moments of need or excitement, but in reality hugging should be fundamental to each and every day. Being close to those we love makes us feel good and can clearly help us in more ways than we ever thought.

So hold your family and friends close each and every day, and spread the joyous benefits of a good cuddle.

Sweet Dreams
The Moshi Team

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